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Sveta’s Notes

What is Acupuncture?

Check out Svetlana’s recent video! In this she gives a little of her own background, explains basic TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory, and answers common questions and concerns regarding Acupuncture.


Erchonia Laser Video on Pain

A brief description of the science behind the use of Low Level (Cold) Laser therapy to treat chronic pain and a wide variety of other issues using photobiomodulation, where the Laser uses preset light frequencies and wavelengths to painlessly penetrate the skin and help heal specific conditions at the cellular level. We currently use the Erchonia Red Violet Laser (EVRL).


9000 needles Documentary

After suffering a devastating stroke caused by a bleed in his brain stem, 40 year-old Devin Dearth travels to Tianjin, China, seeking Traditional Chinese Medicine as an alternative to the limitations of US health care. Devin’s family took advantage of a 3 month stroke recovery program in China that had been seeing very good results. His transformation is really quite remarkable.


Small but Mighty – the importance of the Kidneys

The kidneys play a major role in the health of our body. This video gives an explanation of the role of the kidneys from an ancient Chinese perspective. As with most aspects of Chinese medicine, while this may not seem to align with our modern functional understanding of the organs, it’s clear that there is far more going on physiologically than meets the eye.